San Carlo Cicchetti (pron: chi-KET-tee) is the latest concept
in chic, all-day dining from the award-winning independent
San Carlo Group of authentic Italian restaurants

The Culture Trip: London’s Best New Restaurants To Visit This Autumn

“If there’s one autumn luxury you indulge in this season, make it the ‘Alba’ white truffle, and most importantly, make sure you enjoy it at Cicchetti Covent Garden branch. By far the best Italian restaurant in London, if not the UK, it serves up its namesake – Venetian small dishes or ‘cicchetti’ – and this season has invested thousands bringing over the ingredient. Quintessentially Italian interiors are warm, welcoming and inviting, and it’s a toss up as to whether it’s the gloriously friendly reception or the incredible food that’s the strongest part of the restaurant. The white truffle fettuccine comes close to tipping the scales, a stand out dish rich with butter that allows the beauty of the truffle to truly shine with its pure simplicity. The risotto pairs pumpkin parmesan with the truffle, and is both filling yet stops just short of being too rich. Glistening tartare comes served on crunchy bruschetta, topped with a sliver of the expensive stuff. It’s the stuff of white truffle dreams. Coupled with some of the loveliest waiters around, it’s impossible to leave not declaring Cicchetti the cream of the Italian crop.”

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