WJ London Life – Cicchetti Covent Garden – Review

“Following the huge success of Cicchetti, Manchester and London Piccadilly, The San Carlo Group of restaurants is delighted to announce the launch of Cicchetti, Covent Garden. The restaurant group is looking forward to bringing the concept to theatre-land, with the help of chef Aldo Zilli in the kitchen.” Read More

The Foodaholic – REVIEW: San Carlo Cicchetti, Wellington Street, Covent Garden

“I remember when I first started writing about food, the idea of writing up about a ‘chain’ restaurant sounded like a sackable offense in food writing. Why? Well I guess it was mainly down to the fact that these so called chains three years ago were very ordinary, predictable and …

Bitesize Food – Cicchetti Covent Garden – Review

“Cicchetti is Italian for sharing plates. Smaller servings placed in the centre of the table to encourage a communal eating environment. Cicchetti opened their newest branch on Wellington St in Covent Garden last month.” Read More

On in London – Cicchetti Covent Garden – Review

“When my friend and I wandered into Cicchetti one fine autumnal evening little did we know the gastronomic delight our evening would hold. Cicchetti is part of the San Carlo Group, and their restaurant in Covent Garden is a new addition to the Italian family.” Read More