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Gastronomy tour of Italy Italy is made up of twenty regions with distinct characteristics. Every town, every village makes the same dish in vastly different ways and every town and village has its proudest speciality.

Zuppa di fave - £6.95
Tubettini pasta served with broad beans and a hint of chillies.
Maccaroni al ferretto con ragu'di capra - £9.95
Typical dish from Aspromonte Mountain consisting in slow cook goat meat in a rich tomato sauce, served with a handmade pasta.
Bucatini con Baccala'c Cipolla Di Tropea - £9.95
Thick hollow spaghetti tossed with flaked salted cod and creamy Tropea onion
Medaglioni di Pollo con peperoni e nduja - £8.95
Medallion of Chicken Cooked in a yellow pepper and Nduja sauce
Stoccafisso alla Cosentina - £9.95
Salted cod baked in a milk onion and topped with parmesan cheese
Zeppole di Fagnano Castello - £5.50
Traditional fried sweet potato donuts served with Calabria figs honey

Recommended Red Wine


French Plum Crepes - £6.95
Crepes with roasted french plums, yogurt & honey
Chocolate Gâteau de Crêpes - £6.95
Gâteau de crêpes with chocolate pastry cream and dulce de leche
Dutch Baby With Sauteed Apples - £6.95
Dutch ginat oven-baked pancakes with sauteed apples