San Carlo Cicchetti (pron: chi-KET-tee) is the latest concept
in chic, all-day dining from the award-winning independent
San Carlo Group of authentic Italian restaurants

Cicchetti in Piccadilly – My Destination London Review

Cicchetti, pronounced chi-KET-tee, (I learn after I had been calling it Chi-CHET-ee the whole week) is the latest all-day dining restaurant from the award-winning San Carlo group of Italian restaurants.

The restaurant location is outstanding as proven by the fact that it was spotted by one of us as we emerged out of Piccadilly station before Google maps had even loaded. We sat down at our table for lunch and service was busy, however the first thing you notice is the shiny newness of everything which made the inside look like the Disney version of your typical Italian restaurant but tastefully done all the same…Read More

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